By using this site and all other sites under its management, you, herein known as β€œUser,” agree to all of the following, including our Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. Refunds are permitted on digital products. Customers may request a refund within 7 days of purchase. Refunds on sale items are permissible and subject to the same conditions as refunds on regularly-priced items. Products may not be returned due solely to incompatibility with a customer's software or device. Customers may not request or receive the exchange of any item and may instead only receive a refund.

No returns allowed for physical products. Refunds issued minus the cost of goods and processing fees. In case of item return, the customer will be responsible for paying the cost of shipping. No refunds are permitted on the sale of services. All sales are final. Customers must contact the Operator prior to the start of the refund and return process. If the conditions are not met, Operator reserves the right to reject the refund.