Premium Crash Course Plus

Premium Crash Course Plus

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Only this month I earned over 52.000 EUR

Can you spot Two Repeating Patterns?

Two identical Repeating Patterns on 2 different Instruments: EUR/EUR H4 and M30. These are exactly two repeating patterns.

Using only this method I earned 528k EUR last year which let me fulfill most of my dreams in the last 10 years.

When I started there was no YouTube.

When I started I had a very low volume, lost a few accounts. I was alone in the market, there was a very limited access to any tutorials.
Fortunately I was stubborn and systematic so I was able to achieve my goals.

Nowadays everything is easier, we use Google and see hundreds of tutorials. I earned my knowledge working in a bank and professional trading center and also from books and gaining experience in the course of years.

nowadays... I teach the same people that i was working for.

I meet new people every day!

I achieved everything myself and you can do it as well. Everything you need is a strong will. Tested 8 different strategies myself from which Repeating Patterns I use the most since 2010 while living in Mexico and using my financial independence.

Through my years of experience I now know how to lead them in an efficient way. A lot of posts appeared in our group since the beggining of 2020, in which you were expressing your contentment with your results.