How millionaires analyze the market and how you can get back to fast and fast

Learn 2 ways to analyze the market – for a millionaire and for an ordinary person. Which one is better? Can both bring similar levels of profit? You will find the answer below, read until the end!

A millionaire’s clever way to predict oil prices

The photo you see below are silos full of crude oil, specifically the Oil Tanks near Brim Spur “Super Contango”. One of the millionaires took satellite photos of them to assess their oil reserves.

Why? In this way, he wants to predict how their price will develop, or more precisely, the price per barrel. He will also analyze how it will affect other markets and thus make millions!

The oil tanks near the Brim Spur “Super Contango” prove that
the gap between monthly contracts reached $1.46 per barrel on Tuesday, and oil supply is the highest this time of year since 1930!

It is worth taking this information into account to keep your finger on the pulse now and increase your chances of profitable transactions!

Can you make millions in the stock market without drones and satellite imagery?

Believe me, yes! We really don’t need to be millionaires or trillionaires, rent drones, helicopters or planes to make real profits from stock market investments!

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! And I propose such solutions to you. What can you do to easily generate profit in the stock market? To gain an additional source of income or start making a living from trading?

Often, a simple comparison of the number of sell candles (i.e. how the decline occurred) with the number of buys (i.e. how fast the chart was rising) is enough to see that selling dominates the dance with buying like 8/45, or in short 1:5 (5x stronger sellers). . You can easily evaluate this in the chart below.

Your advantage on the market – use my proven method

So the power is on your side if you know how to read clean charts! All you need to do is learn how to read charts in real time and get to know proven patterns. And with such knowledge, there is a straight path to million-dollar transactions!

Remember, no matter if you are a millionaire or just starting out in the Forex or Crypto markets, your knowledge is your strength!

Therefore, choose valuable training from the most experienced traders and learn how to operate on the markets. It is worth acquiring and constantly expanding knowledge to regularly turn it into profit and be able to live on your own terms!

Good luck!