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Forex analysis – fundamentals

Forex analysis – fundamentals

Forex is known to be dynamically changing currency market. Because of that, there is no space for spontaneous trading. Every step should be preceded by detailed forex analysis.

Fundamental analysis

One of the most basic analysis. It is nothing else than comparing economic situation of two countries and finding the most reliable currency pair. Trader should look for the most expensive and the cheapest ones. To predict future currency pair trend it is necessary to carefully observe events over the World.

Forex robots

It’s not joke! There is possibility of buying some forex robot or make an own one. This is kind of automatic trading according to some given criteria. This is solution used by newbies often, because they have hope to reach the summit without an effort. However, forex is not static so the possibility that the forex robot will be successful is really low.


Trading with forex indicators is not an easy way. Mainly because there is few different indicators like moving average or MACD. Using too many of them can result in total confusion. In this way, trader will spend more time analysing and considering about trading than actually trading…

Technical analysis

This is probably the most complex forex analysis method. Traders who use technical analysis take an advantage with such means like chart patterns and indicators. They are not interested in world events, they only observe behavior and changes of charts.